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Pascual Biosca, Daniel

Total activity: 3
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GNSS, GNSS-R, RFI, signal processing
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CTE-CRAE - Space Science and Technology Research Group
Department of Signal Theory and Communications
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C-9642-2014 Open in new window
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Scientific and technological production

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  • SNR and standard deviation of cGNSS-R and iGNSS-R scatterometric measurements  Open access

     Alonso-Arroyo, A.; Querol, J.; Lopez, C.; Zavorotny, V.U.; Park, H.; Pascual, D.; Onrubia, R.; Camps, A.
    Vol. 17, num. 1, p. 1-30
    DOI: 10.3390/s17010183
    Date of publication: 2017-01-19
    Journal article
    Access to the full text
  • GNSS-R correlation Peak statistics, SNR estimation and its relation to geophysical parameters

     Alonso-Arroyo, A.; Querol, J.; Lopez, C.; Camps, A.; Park, H.; Pascual, D.; Onrubia, R.
    Specialist Meeting on Reflectometry using GNSS and other Signals of Opportunity
    p. 1
    Presentation's date: 2015-05-11
    Presentation of work at congresses
  • Grup de Teledetecció, Antenes, Microones i Superconductivitat

     Corbella, I.; Aguasca, A.; Barlabe, A.; Blanch, S.; Broquetas, A.; Camps, A.; Cardama, A.; Elias, A.; Duffo, N.; Fabregas, F.; Jofre, L.; Heldring, A.; Lopez, C.; Mallorqui, J.J.; O'callaghan, J.; Pradell, L.; Rius, J.; Romeu, J.; Torres, F.; Ubeda, E.; Vall-llossera, M.; Duran, I.; Wu, L.; Gilasgar, M.; Lort, M.; Imbert, M.; Martin, F.; Chaparro, D.; Pablos, M.; Pascual, D.; Park, H.; Alonso-Arroyo, A.; Onrubia, R.; Yam , L.E.; Rodriguez, J.; Piles, M.; Deng, X.; Querol, J.
    Competitive project