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Scientific and technological production

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  • Design and optimization of a polar satellite mission to complement the Copernicus System  Open access

     Alarcon, E.; Alvaro, A.; Araguz, C.; Barrot, G.; Bou, E.; Camps, A.; Cornara, S.; Gutiérrez, P.; Lancheros, E.; Lesne, O.; Llaveria, D.; Lluch, I.; Males, J.; Mangin, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Monge, A.; Narkiewicz, J.; Ourevitch, S.; Pierotti, S.; Pica, U.; Poghosyan, A.; Ruiz de Azúa, J.
    IEEE access
    Vol. 6, p. 34777-34789
    DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2844257
    Date of publication: 2018-06-05
    Journal article
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