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Roca Blanch, Estanislao

Total activity: 3
Areas of expertise
Architecture, Contemporary metropolis, Montjuïc, Public space, Town, Urban analysis, Urban design, Urban history, Urban planning, Urban project
Doctoral courses
Doctor arquitecto
Professional category
Full professor
Research group
GRU - Urbanism Research Group
Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning
Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
Contact details
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Grup de Recerca en Urbanisme

     Sabate, J.; Franquesa, J.; Vilanova, J.; Pesoa, M.; Enric Batlle i Durany; Marti, M.; Pie, R.; Orduña, P.; Moreno, J.; Martin, A.; Roca, E.; Peremiquel, F.; Sagarra, F.; Corominas, M.
    Competitive project
  • Grup de recerca en urbanisme

     Sabate, J.; Enric Batlle i Durany; Corominas, M.; Castiñeira, M.; Font, A.; Franquesa, J.; Galindo, J.; Goula, M.; Llop, C.; Marti, M.; Martin, A.; Peremiquel, F.; Pie, R.; Roca, E.; Sagarra, F.; Sotoca, A.; Vilanova, J.
    Competitive project
  • 5e Seminari de Recerca en Urbanisme/ 7th International Seminar Urbanism and Urbanization

     Sabate, J.; Sotoca, A.; Sagarra, F.; Enric Batlle i Durany; Roca, E.; Peremiquel, F.; Martin, A.; Llop, C.; Corominas, M.; Franquesa, J.; Galindo, J.; Vilanova, J.; Pie, R.; Castiñeira, M.; Vidal, M.
    Competitive project