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GAA - Astronomy and Astrophysics Group

Total activity: 1579
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
AV. Eduard Maristany, 16, Edifici C Open in new window
08019 Barcelona
https://gaa.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The bulk of the group?s activities involve the study of stellar evolution using numerical codes. The simulations encompass those natural phenomena that may potentially affect the latest stages of the evolution of massive and intermediate-mass stars. Several of the most important phenomena are hydrodynamic, nuclear and electromagnetic processes. The group therefore studies the evolutionary processes that lead to compact objects (white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes) as well as to catastrophic outcomes (novae and supernovae explosions). A further area of interest deals with the observational and theoretical study of bipolar nebulae and the jets of material ejected from Herbig-Haro objects. The group is also engaged in the study of stellar kinematics in the solar neighbourhood through astrometric satellites and in the more theoretical subject of relativistic cosmology. Several of the group?s researchers are university lecturers in astronomy and are also dedicated to the dissemination of the space sciences
Herbig-Haro object, computational astrophysics, high-energy astrophysics, hydrodynamics, novae and supernovae, nuclear astrophysics, nucleosynthesis, population synthesis, stellar evolution, white dwarfs
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Althaus, Leandro Gabriel
    (until 2005-06-15)
  • Badenes Montoliu, Carles
    (until 2004-08-31)
  • Bravo Guil, Eduardo (208)
    (until 2011-09-05)
  • Cabezón Gómez, Rubén Martín
    (until 2009-08-31)
  • Camacho Díaz, Judit
    (until 2014-06-19)
  • Casanova Bustamante, Jordi
    (until 2010-09-30)
  • Cojocaru, Elena Ruxandra
    (until 2016-11-24)
  • Diaz Aguiló, Marc
    (until 2012-09-16)
  • Duarte, Xavier Alejandro
    (until 2011-03-31)
  • Escartin Vigo, Jose Antonio
    (until 2011-12-31)
  • Fayos Valles, Francisco (73)
    (until 2006-03-22)
  • Forcada Garcia, Ramon
    (until 2010-08-31)
  • Garcia-berro Montilla, Enrique
    (until 2017-09-23)
  • González Villafranca, Alberto
    (until 2011-01-19)
  • Gutierrez Pedemonte, Alba
    (until 2008-05-11)
  • Herrera, Yago
    (until 2020-10-09)
  • Hirschmann, Alina
    (until 2010-08-31)
  • Longland, Richard Leigh
    (until 2013-07-14)
  • Loren Aguilar, Pablo
    (until 2012-09-01)
  • Munteanu, Andreea
    (until 2004-08-31)
  • Parikh, Anuj Ramesh
    (until 2015-08-03)
  • Portell de Mora, Jordi
    (until 2004-12-31)
  • Renedo Rouco, Isabel
    (until 2013-01-23)
  • Ridao Granado, Miguel
    (until 2008-01-17)
  • Riera Mora, M. Angeles
    (until 2017-09-28)
  • Serichol Augue, Nuria
    (until 2007-08-31)

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