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GRCM - Mobile Communication Reserach Group

Total activity: 1226
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
C/ Jordi Girona 1-3, Edifici D4, Planta 1, 08034 Barcelona Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://www.grcm.tsc.upc.edu Open in new window
GRCM group has recognized expertise in 2G/3G/4G wireless network architectures and protocols, interworking, radio network planning and deployment, radio interface design (layers 1, 2 and 3) and radio resource management strategies for QoS guarantee in heterogeneous radio access networks. Research expertise also expands over different forms of dynamic spectrum assignment and spectrum sharing strategies, cognitive radio and cognitive network functionalities as well as autonomic and self-organizing wireless networks. More that 300 technical papers have been produced in this field. Methodologically, the group has developed static and dynamic system level simulation platforms for heterogeneous technologies, real-time end-to-end QoS emulators for real IP-based applications, DSP and FPGA-based demonstration platforms, spectrum measurement occupancy platforms and campaigns, together with theoretical models and the use of commercial planning and drive-test tools when appropriate.
Since 1992, the GRCM (formerly GCR) has been involved in fourteen European research projects: ATDMA and CODIT in the RACE II program; RAINBOW and MICC in the ACTS program; WINEGLASS, ARROWS and CAUTION++ in FP5-IST; EVEREST, E2R, NEWCOM, E2R2 and AROMA in FP6-.IST; and E3 and NEWCOM++ in FP7-ICT. UPC has been Primer Contractor in ARROWS, EVEREST and AROMA projects. Besides, the group has participated in a number of national projects. Furthermore, the group has established activities with companies such as Telefónica Móviles, Fundación Vodafone España, Alcatel and Teltronic among others.
At present the group participates in FARAMIR and ONEFIT European projects in the ICT program, both from the FP7; and in an ESA funded project.
5G, Gestió de recursos radio en xarxes mòbils, inteligència artificial aplicada a l'entorn mòbil, virtualització de xarxes d'accés mòbils
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Adelantado Freixer, Ferran
    (until 2009-08-31)
  • Bernardo Alvarez, Francisco
    (until 2010-03-31)
  • Bezerra Rodrigues, Emanuel
    (until 2011-07-06)
  • Bolea, Liliana
    (until 2013-01-15)
  • Bouali, Faouzi
    (until 2013-09-26)
  • Bringue Goma, Jose M.
    (until 2009-08-31)
  • Budzisz, Lukasz
    (until 2008-01-31)
  • Galeana Zapién, Hiram
    (until 2010-02-16)
  • Garcia Escriche, Sergio
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Gelabert Doran, Xavier
    (until 2010-08-18)
  • Giupponi, Lorenza
    (until 2007-09-03)
  • Koutlia, Aikaterini
    (until 2018-12-02)
  • Limani, Deepak
    (until 2009-08-31)
  • López Benítez, Miguel
    (until 2011-08-06)
  • Majkowski, Jakub
    (until 2009-08-31)
  • Marojevic, Vuk
    (until 2013-06-03)
  • Novillo Parales, Francisco Vicente
    (until 2013-06-04)
  • Raschella, Alessandro
    (until 2015-01-23)
  • Reves Balleste, Xavier
    (until 2006-06-15)
  • Salazar Velazquez, Jose Alfredo
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Vucevic, Nemanja
    (until 2010-09-30)

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