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GREO - Optical Engineering Research Group

Total activity: 2127
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Rambla de Sant Nebridi, 10, Edifici TR11, Campus Terrasa Open in new window
08222 Terrassa
http://www.cd6.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The aim is to carry out R&D activities and provide innovative solutions in the field of optical engineering. The main research areas are the design of optical systems and sensors, the development of instrumentation, optical metrology, laser applications, colour technology, radiometry and photometry, and biomedical instrumentation.
LEDs, LIDAR, biomedical instrumentation, colour, contactless measurement, interferometry, lasers, metrology, multispectral image, optical design, optical instrumentation, photometry, profilometry, radiometry, sensors, sources of light, time-of-flight systems, vision
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Antò Roca, Joan
    (until 2011-01-31)
  • Arasa Marti, Jose
    (until 2017-09-30)
  • Arjona Carbonell, Maria Montserrat
    (until 2017-10-07)
  • Arranz Benito, M. Jesus
    (until 2006-03-13)
  • Atashkhooei, Reza
    (until 2016-07-24)
  • Azcona Guerrero, Francisco Javier
    (until 2015-04-01)
  • Bermudez Porras, Carlos
    (until 2013-01-31)
  • Castilla González, Pau
    (until 2019-04-05)
  • Claramunt Miraball, Irene
    (until 2015-09-10)
  • de Lasarte Rigueiro, Marta
    (until 2013-10-21)
  • Delpueyo Español, Xana
    (until 2017-08-12)
  • Dominguez Alvarez, Noemi
    (until 2019-04-30)
  • Fernandez Dorado, Jose
    (until 2014-11-07)
  • Giner Tort, Anna
    (until 2016-11-30)
  • Gómez López, Selena - María
    (until 2015-08-31)
  • Herrera Ramirez, Jorge Alexis
    (until 2014-10-01)
  • Jha, Ajit
    (until 2016-11-30)
  • Luque, Sergio Oscar
    (until 2013-10-21)
  • Martinez Gonzalez, Maria Cristina
    (until 2017-12-31)
  • Mendez Astudillo, Jorge
    (until 2013-11-07)
  • Mestre Ferrer, Clara
    (until 2019-05-31)
  • Oteo Lozano, Esther
    (until 2013-09-28)
    External to the UPC
  • Otero Molins, Carles
    (until 2018-01-19)
  • Pinto Vila, Agusti
    (until 2008-03-31)
  • Riu Gras, Jordi
    (until 2016-11-30)
  • Sanchez Magan, Alfonso
    (until 2015-12-31)

Scientific and technological production

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