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GRIC - Group of Construction Research and Innovation

Total activity: 2041
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UPC research group
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The Group of Construction Research and Innovation (GRIC) conducts interdisciplinary research to improve the productive processes of the construction sector companies and their constructive processes in all their areas such as organizational, qualitative, environmental, educational, communication, management, etc. The GRIC's emphasis is on developing innovate solutions to the state-of-the-art technologies throughout the project life cycle from design to construction, and from operations to maintance and decommissioning. Research is focused in the following three major domains: construction management, management of technology and human resources management.

The most important research lines for GRIC are:

- Improving the ENERGY EFFICIENCY of BUILDINGS, especially through the implementation of low cost and non-invasive techniques. This research line focuses on improving building energy performance by addressing aspects related to the operation and control of buildings and higher clusters (neighbourhoods, districts, cities, etc.). The ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency of the built environment.

- MODELLING of the BUILT ENVIRONMENT, including new and existing buildings and their surroundings. This research line includes modelling of all actions needed to improve the operation, maintenance and management of buildings. Environmental consequences of higher clusters (neighbourhoods, districts, cities, etc.) are also modelled. The ultimate goal is to use a lower quantity of resources and thus to reduce the global environmental impact.
Buildings for industry, Collaborative working environments, Construction Business Processes, Construction Health and Safety, Construction management, Contractual Relationships, Decision Making Systems, Document and Information Management, E-learning in AEC, Environment Management and Sustainability, Green Buildings, Innovative Construction Technologies, Knowledge Management, Life-long learning in AEC, Other Complex Buildings, Performance and Quality Management, Procurement Methods, Project Planning and Control, Risk Management
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