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ICARUS - Intelligent Communications and Avionics for Robust Unmanned Aerial Systems

Total activity: 525
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UPC research group
C./ Esteve Terradas 7. Edifici C4-002 Open in new window
08860 Casteldefels
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The ICARUS group works on the Unmanned Aircraft Systems research topic (UAS) and on the Air Traffic Management (ATM). In the UAS area the target is the development of systems that allow UAS efficient operations in the civil world. Also, the group is working on the identification of high added value applications for UAS utility demonstrator. The UAS airspace integration is also a target of the group. A short term target is to build a prototype of a UAS capable ti fly autonomously to obtain useful data for end users which are not experr on aeronautics. Technical research topics are: the aircraft, the avionics, the grouns devices, communications and the software which creates the useful service out of these systems. In the ATM area the group is proposing new operative procedures that minimize the environmental impact of the general aviation and that will not compromise the economics requirements of the airliners. Also the procedures must mantain or enhance the security of the airspace.
ATM, Vehicles Aeris Sense Pilot (UAS o RPAs), integració en l'espai aeri, missió, optimització, sistemes distribuïts, temps real, transport intel·ligent
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Athanasiou, Georgios
    (until 2020-10-15)
  • Cuadrado Santolaria, Raúl
    (until 2018-04-13)
  • Delgado Muñoz, Luis
    (until 2014-01-14)
  • Lopez Nuevo, David Andres
    (until 2017-09-30)
  • Ramírez Alcantara, Jorge
    (until 2012-03-15)
  • Ruiz Navarro, Sergio
    (until 2016-12-31)
  • Santamaria Barnadas, Eduard
    (until 2012-02-15)
  • Seenivasan, Dinesh Babu
    (until 2020-08-16)
  • Tristancho Martinez, Joshua
    (until 2013-09-20)

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