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IEB - Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation

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UPC research group
c./Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici C4, planta 3. 08034 Barcelona, Spain Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://ieb.eel.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The aim is to design new equipment and instrumentation systems in the fields of ATE, EMC, medicine and biotechnology. A further aim is to design new measurement methods, especially for medical diagnosis, biotechnological processes and electromagnetic field measurements in the near-field region, and automotive applications.
EMC, Enginyeria Biomédica, enginyeria civil, Instrumentació, bioenginyeria, compatibilitat electromagnètica, equips mèdics
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Diccionari de Telecomunicacions

     Aguilar Igartua, M.; Alcober, J.; Altes, J.; Aragones, X.; Artigas, D.; Bardes, D.; Barlabe, A.; Bragos, R.; Calderer, J.; Cardama, A.; Casademont, J.; Casals, L.; Comeron, A.; Cotrina, J.; de la Cruz Llopis, Luis J.; Dios, V.; Duxans, H.; Esparza, O.; Esquerra, I.; Garcia, D.; Garcies, P.; Gomez, C.; Gorricho, J.; Guinjoan, F.; Hesselbach, X.; Liria, A.; Lopez, J.; Madrenas, J.; Madueño, M.; Mestre, F.; Monte, E.; Morros, J.R.; Muñoz, J.; Pallares, E.; Pons, J.; Recolons, J.; Rincon, D.; Riu, P.J.; Ruiz, I.; Pradell, L.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Prat, L.; Rey, F.; Villares, J.
    Date of publication: 2007-03
  • Semi-distance learning vs. traditional organisation for a masters degree in electronic engineering: an experience at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Spain

     Prat, L.; Bardes, D.; Bragos, R.; Calderer, J.; Castañer, L.; Jimenez, V.; Riu, P.J.; Silvestre, S.; Calviño, F.; Bara, F.
    International journal of engineering education
    Vol. 20, num. 1, p. 31-38
    Date of publication: 2004-02
    Journal article
  • Semi-distance organization for electronic engineering master's degree at the UPC (Spain)

     Prat, L.; Bardes, D.; Bragos, R.; Calderer, J.; Castañer, L.; Jimenez, V.; Riu, P.J.; Silvestre, S.; Calviño, F.; Armengol, J.; Bara, F.
    New Teaching and Learning Methods: How Efficient are They? . European Society for Engineering Education. SEFI.
    Presentation of work at congresses