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IEB - Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation

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UPC research group
c./Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici C4, planta 3. 08034 Barcelona, Spain Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://ieb.eel.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The aim is to design new equipment and instrumentation systems in the fields of ATE, EMC, medicine and biotechnology. A further aim is to design new measurement methods, especially for medical diagnosis, biotechnological processes and electromagnetic field measurements in the near-field region, and automotive applications.
EMC, Enginyeria Biomédica, enginyeria civil, Instrumentació, bioenginyeria, compatibilitat electromagnètica, equips mèdics
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Scientific and technological production

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  • The diagnostics subsystems on board LISA Pathfinder and LISA

     Cañizares, P.; Conchillo, A.; Garcia-berro, E.; Gesa, L.; Grimani, C.; Lloro, I.; Lobo, A.; Mateos, I.; Nofrarias Serra, Miquel; Ramos, J.; Sanjuán, J.; Sopuerta, C. F.
    Classical and quantum gravity
    Vol. 26, num. 9, p. 1-11
    Date of publication: 2009-04
    Journal article
  • LISA and LISA PathFinder, the endeavour to detect low frequency GWs

     Araujo, H.; Boatella, C.; Chmeissani, M.; Conchillo, A.; Garcia-berro, E.; Grimani, C.; Ramos, J.
    Journal of physics: conference series
    Vol. 66, num. 1, p. 1-25
    Date of publication: 2007-09
    Journal article
  • The LTP experiment on the LISA Pathfinder mission

     Anza, S.; Garcia-berro, E.; Ramos, J.
    Classical and quantum gravity
    Vol. 22, num. 1, p. S125-S138
    Date of publication: 2005-02
    Journal article
  • Data and Diagnostics in LISA Pathfinder

     Lobo, A.; Nofrarias Serra, Miquel; Ramos, J.; Sanjuán, J.; Conchillo, A.; Ortega, J.; Xirgu, X.; Araujo, H.; Boatella, C.; Chmeissani, M.; Grimani, C.; Puigdengoles, C.; Wass, P.; Anza, S.; Michelena, M.D.; Garcia-berro, E.; Pérez, R.
    Encuentros Relativistas Españoles 2005
    p. 489-492
    Presentation of work at congresses