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IEB - Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation

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UPC research group
c./Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici C4, planta 3. 08034 Barcelona, Spain Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://ieb.eel.upc.edu/ Open in new window
The aim is to design new equipment and instrumentation systems in the fields of ATE, EMC, medicine and biotechnology. A further aim is to design new measurement methods, especially for medical diagnosis, biotechnological processes and electromagnetic field measurements in the near-field region, and automotive applications.
EMC, Enginyeria Biomédica, enginyeria civil, Instrumentació, bioenginyeria, compatibilitat electromagnètica, equips mèdics
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Scientific and technological production

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  • SIVA UAV: a case study for the EMC analysis of composite air vehicles  Open access

     Cabello, M.; Vallina Fernández, Sergio Manuel; Pous, M.; Pascual, E.; Angulo, L.; López, P.; Riu, P.J.; Gutierrez, G.; Mateos, D.; Poyatos, D.; Fernandez, M.; Alvarez, J.; Pantoja, M.; Añón, M.; Silva, F.; Bretones, A.; Trallero, R.; Nuño-Fernández, L.; Escot, D.; Martin, R.; Garcia, S.
    IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility
    Vol. 59, num. 4, p. 1103-1113
    DOI: 10.1109/TEMC.2017.2648507
    Date of publication: 2017-08-01
    Journal article
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  • A Near-Field Probe for In Situ EMI Measurements of Industrial Installations

     Quilez, M.; Atienza, A.; Fernández-Chimeno, M.; Fernandez, M.; Riu, P.J.; Silva, F.; Aragon, M.
    IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility
    Vol. 50, num. 4, p. 1007-
    Date of publication: 2008-11
    Journal article