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Scientific and technological production

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  • The ability of societies to adapt to twenty-first-century sea-level rise  Open access

     Hinkel, J.; Aerts, J.; Brown, S.; Jimenez, J.A.; Sanchez-arcilla, A.
    Nature climate change
    Vol. 8, num. 7, p. 570-578
    DOI: 10.1038/s41558-018-0176-z
    Date of publication: 2018-06
    Journal article
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  • Laboratori d'Enginyeria Marítima

     Sanchez-arcilla, A.; Garcia, M.; Jimenez, J.A.; Sierra, J.P.; Comas, G.; Mestres, M.; Lin-Ye, J.; Gironella, X.; Torres, R.; Sanuy, M.; Lopez-doriga, U.; Valdemoro, H.; Caceres, I.; Cateura, J.; Sospedra, J.; Espino, M.; Mösso, C.; Gomez, J.; Marzeddu, A.; Galego, O.; Mujal-Colilles, A.; Cerralbo, P.; González-Marco, D.; Pallares, E.; Ros, S.; Gracia, V.
    Competitive project