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Carmona Leyva, José María

Total activity: 2
Research group
VIS - Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Visió Artificial i Sistemes Intel·ligents

     Sanfeliu, A.; Alquezar, R.; Andrade-Cetto, J.; Bolea, Y.; Carmona, J. M.; Climent, J.; Deray, J.; Escudero, D.; Garrell, A.; Goldhoorn, A.; Grau, A.; Guerra, E.; Hernandez, S.; Herrero, F.; Lopez, A.; Manzanares, M.; Puig-pey, A.; Pumarola, A.; Repiso, E.; Serratosa, F.; Solá, J.; Vallve, J.; Vaquero, V.
    Competitive project
  • Robot-human collaboration for transporting goods in urban areas

     Sanfeliu, A.; Serratosa, F.; Climent, J.; Grau, A.; Alquezar, R.; Manzanares, M.; Bolea, Y.; Villamizar, M.A.; Garrell, A.; Carmona, J. M.
    Competitive project