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LACÀN - Numerical Methods for Applied Sciences and Engineering

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UPC research group
C/ Jordi Girona, 1, Campus Nord, C2 Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://www.lacan.upc.edu/ Open in new window
LaCàN's research is focussed on mathematical modeling and computational mechanics. More precisely, it strives on: (1) development and analysis of computational methods and (2) applications in applied sciences and engineering that provide significant added value. This includes disciplines embracing engineering and mathematics. This is reflected in the composition of the group, the nature of the research projects and the pattern of publications. New models and technologies are developed for the resolution of partial differential equations that complement traditional methods such as finite element (Galerkin discontinuous; mesh generation; error estimation, certification and control; reduced order models; meshes methods...). This computational expertise allows significant impact in different areas, viz. acoustics, fluid and solid mechanics, geophysics and biomechanics... The applications of these techniques include automotive, civil and mechanical engineering, as well as aerospace and energy.
Mecànica computacional, adaptivitat, aproximacions d’alt ordre, equacions en derivades parcials, generació de malles d’elements finits, geofísica i geodinàmica, materials electromecànics, mecanobiologia, mecànica de cèl·lules i teixits, mecànica de dany i de fractura, models d’ordre reduït, verificació i validació, vibroacústica
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