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MAK - Mathematics Applied to Cryptography

Total activity: 773
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Edifici C3 Despatx: 219 C. Jordi Girona, 1-3 Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
https://mak.upc.edu/ca/benvingut Open in new window
The main goal of the research group is the study of mathematical problems in cryptology.
The main research areas are the following:
- Distributed cryptography. The groups working on cryptographic protocols have to share secret information. Multi-party computation and secret-sharing schemes are also studied.
- Secure cryptographic protocols. The aim is to analyse and design efficient and secure protocols, both for encryption and for digital signatures.
The definition of security is also the subject of research. The applications of elliptic curves in cryptography are also studied.
Matemàtiques de la Criptologia, Protocols Criptogràfics Distribuïts, Protocols Criptogràfics de Clau Pública, Seguretat Informàtica
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  • Breitman Mansilla, Monica Celia
    (until 2013-09-30)
  • Daza Fernandez, Vanesa
    (until 2004-08-31)
  • Farras Ventura, Oriol
    (until 2010-08-31)
  • Galindo Chacón, David
    (until 2003-08-31)
  • Gracia Rivas, Ignacio (35)
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Heidarvand, Somayed
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Heymann Pignolo, Marco
    (until 2006-12-31)
  • Pujolas Boix, Jordi
    (until 2006-10-01)
  • Rafols Salvador, Carla
    (until 2011-06-30)
  • Vázquez González, Leonor
    (until 2010-02-23)

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