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POL - Advanced Industrial Polymers and Technological Biopolymers

Total activity: 870
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Av. Diagonal, 647, pavello G Open in new window
08028 Barcelona
https://eq.upc.edu/ca/recerca/pol Open in new window
The group carries out research on polymers of interest to industry (polyesters, polyurethanes, polyamides and polycarbonates) based on natural products that are easily accessible (mostly carbohydrates), with the aim of achieving sustainable new polymers with advanced properties that can replace traditional petroleum-based plastics. It also carries out research on biopolymers from microbial biosynthesis that are then modified for biomedical applications as membranes or drug delivery systems.
Polímers, biopolímers, caracterització (RMN, FTIR, GPC), degradació., poliamides, policarbonats, poliuretans, polièsters, polímers sostenibles, propietats tèrmiques (DSC, TGA), química dels polímers
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Ascanio Nuñez, Yanireth
    (until 2013-03-29)
  • Bautista Betancur, Mayka Irina
    (until 2015-01-31)
  • Bermúdez Hermida, Marta María (50)
    (until 2016-08-31)
  • Fernandez Lopez, Carlos Eduardo
    (until 2010-06-18)
  • Herranz Agustin, Concepcion (29)
    (until 2017-08-31)
  • Japu, Cristina
    (until 2014-11-21)
  • Lanz Landazuri, Alberto
    (until 2014-04-30)
  • Lavilla Aguilar, Cristina
    (until 2013-11-01)
  • Majo Roca, Maria Antonia (17)
    (until 2016-12-31)
  • Marin Bernabe, Romina
    (until 2009-05-07)
  • Morales Huerta, Juan Carlos
    (until 2018-02-26)
  • Sánchez Clavería, Laura
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Sanchez Rodriguez, Joan
    (until 2006-02-13)
  • Tolentino Chivite, Ainhoa
    (until 2012-08-31)
  • Zakharova, Elena
    (until 2017-05-31)

Scientific and technological production

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