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Suarez Feijoo, Raul

Total activity: 2
Areas of expertise
Robotics, grasping and manipulation, mechanical hands, mtiion and task planning
Doctoral courses
Ingeniero de Telecomunicación
Professional category
Research director
Doctoral program coordinator
Automatic Controls, Robotic and Vision Open in new window
Research group
SIR - Service and Industrial Robotics
Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering
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0000-0002-3853-7095 Open in new window
WoS ResearcherID
F-5657-2016 Open in new window
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7102580414 Open in new window
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Autonomous dexterous robots as coworkers with human operators

     Rosell, J.; Suarez, R.; Mas, Orestes; Peña-Pitarch, E.; Martinez, J.; Alcelay, J. I.; de Felipe, J.J.; A. Al Omar; Roa, M.; Nuño, E.; Basañez, L.
    Competitive project
  • SIR: Service and industrial robotics

     Basañez, L.; Suarez, R.; Rosell, J.; Peña-Pitarch, E.; Mas, Orestes; Palomo, L.; Claret, J.; Zaplana, I.; Aldana López, Carlos Iván; Ruiz, S.; Montaño, A.; Rodriguez, C.; Ud Din, M.
    Competitive project