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SIMCON - First-principles approaches to condensed matter physics: quantum effects and complexity

Total activity: 1153
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
C. Jordi Girona, 1-3, Edifici B4, Campus Nord Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://simcon.upc.edu/ Open in new window
Our research group works in the development and study of first-principles methods to study condensed matter, with special attention to the relevance of quantum effects and complexity. In the limit of extreme quantum matter we work and develop quantum Monte Carlo methods as diffusion Monte Carlo and path integral Monte Carlo. With them, we study from a microscopic approach, quantum effects such as the Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity of cold Bose and Fermi gases and more interacting quantum liquids and solids. In physico-chemical systems we work with Molecular Dynamics with quantum corrections to study the behavior of aqueous systems, biomembranes and polymers. Complexity in different systems is studied mainly using network theory dependent on time and its relation to dynamical processes.
Ab initio Molecular Dynamics, Aqueous solutions, Biomembranes, Bose-Einstein condensation, Cold Bose and Fermi gases, Complexity, Networks, Quantum Monte Carlo, Superfluidity, Topological phases
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  • Baronchelli, Andrea
    (until 2011-12-31)
  • Beslic, Ivana
    (until 2014-01-14)
  • Bitrian Varea, Vicente
    (until 2014-12-31)
  • Bombin Escudero, Raul
    (until 2019-12-09)
  • Calero Borallo, Carlos
    (until 2013-04-23)
  • Emperador Badimon, Agustin
    (until 2006-03-31)
  • Ferré Porta, Guillem
    (until 2016-11-30)
  • Guijarro Gamez, Grecia
    (until 2020-08-31)
  • Henao Aristizábal, Andres
    (until 2015-10-06)
  • Llanta Salleras, Estanislau (16)
    (until 2008-08-31)
  • Lutsyshyn, Yaroslav
    (until 2011-03-31)
  • Macia Rey, Adrian
    (until 2013-08-31)
  • Masia, Marco
    (until 2006-01-31)
  • Moretti, Paolo
    (until 2011-11-30)
  • Osychenko, Oleg
    (until 2013-09-01)
  • Rota, Riccardo
    (until 2011-11-25)
  • Sakkos, Constantinos
    (until 2007-03-26)
  • Sánchez Baena, Juan
    (until 2020-12-14)
  • Sola Badia, Ester
    (until 2007-12-01)
  • Starnini, Michele
    (until 2015-02-05)
  • Yang, Jing
    (until 2015-10-31)

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