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SPCOM - Signal Processing and Communications Group

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UPC research group
Edifici D5. C. Jordi Girona, 1-3 Open in new window
08034 Barcelona
http://spcom.upc.edu Open in new window
The research of the group focuses on the development and analysis of advanced digital signal processing techniques, with particular emphasis on their application to communication and/or localisation systems, sensor networks and smartgrids. Areas of particular interest are all types of wireless communications in all domains, from personal, local and cellular to satellite, including the appropriate localisation techniques.

The group has substantial experience and is likely to be also active in the future in fields such as advanced satellite communication system design, the development of wireless communication systems with multiple antennas for transmission and/or reception, advanced localisation system design, and the optimisation of resource allocation schemes for non-centralised wireless communication systems.
GNSS, TIC para el desarrollo, comunicaciones, comunicaciones móviles, diseño de transmisor/receptor, gestión de recursos radio, localización, optimización, procesado de señal, radio cognitiva, redes eficientes energéticamente, sistemas cooperativos, sistemas multi-antena, smartgrids, teoría de la estimación y detección, teoría de la información
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