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STH - Sustainability, Technology and Humanism

Total activity: 1656
Research group
Type of group
UPC research group
Av. d'Eduard Maristany, 10-14 08019 Open in new window
08019 Barcelona
http://sth.upc.edu Open in new window
Doing research:
- for/towards sustainable human development.
- in technology policies and technologies for a sustainable human development; sustainable consumption and production, in energy policy and climate change; in the green economy.
- sustainable management of natural resources and waste environment in general sustainability; in the urban environment.
- in deepen, context, measure, model, make future scenarios... in the context of the sustainability paradigm.
- in social, environmental and economic sustainability, contributing to structuring processes, objectives and lines of interdisciplinary work between academics and with sustainability, technology and humanistic sciences.
- about imbalances and inequalities in globalization, as well as the formation, development and democratic governance for a sustainable human development.
- in higher education in sustainibility.
- in human rights and sustainability in cooperation and sustainability in regional development and sustainability.
- in political decision-making and democratic governance/for sustainability in the context of international agendas pursued by international organizations.
- about the social impacts of science and technology.
- to promote peace through education, science, culture and communication (UNESCO)
Agenda/Programa 21, Biodiversitat, Canvi climàtic, Ciutats i Medi Urbà i Sostenibilitat, Ciència i Tecnologia i Societat, Cooperació per al desenvolupament humà sostenible, Crisis globals, Desenvolupament Sostenible, Desigualtats i desequilibris i deutes, Disseny sostenible, Drets humans, Economia Circular, Economia verda, Educació superior en sostenibilitat, Energia, Gestió de recursos naturals, Globalització, Governament democràtic, Indicadors de sostenibilitat, Medi Ambient, Mitigació, Organitzacions Internacionals, Pensament Sistèmic, Polítiques Energètiques, Polítiques Tecnològiques, Prospectiva i escenaris de futur, Societat Civil, UNESCO, UNFCCC, adaptació i resiliència
Fill in details (researchers incharge only)
  • Ferrer Balas, Didac
    (until 2010-08-31)
  • Fresnillo Sallan, Iolanda
    (until 2009-12-31)
  • Gomez-Olive Casas, Daniel
    (until 2009-12-31)
  • Llistar Bosch, David
    (until 2010-10-31)
  • Martinez Magaña, Juan (43)
    (until 2011-06-27)
  • Pires Carneiro, Alex
    (until 2009-09-16)
  • Pla Carles, Jose
    (until 2009-12-31)
  • Prieto Villanueva, Jesús Ángel
    (until 2019-06-28)
    External to the UPC
  • Salazar Máñez, Josep Lluís
    (until 2016-11-30)
    External to the UPC
  • Sans Fonfria, Ramon (142)
    (until 2017-01-31)

Scientific and technological production

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