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Aguilar Romero, Sergio

Total activity: 6
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WNG - Wireless Networks Group
Department of Network Engineering
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Scientific and technological production

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  • Performance analysis and optimal tuning of IETF LPWAN SCHC ACK-on-Error Mode  Open access

     Aguilar, S.; maillé, P.; Toutain, L.; Gomez, C.; Vidal, R.; montavont, N.; Papadopoulos, G.
    IEEE sensors journal
    Vol. 20, num. 23, p. 14534-14547
    DOI: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.3007855
    Date of publication: 2020-07-10
    Journal article
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  • Low-power-radio internet-of-things wireless mesh

     Garcia-Villegas, E.; Paradells, J.; Calveras, A.; Casademont, J.; Casals, L.; Lopez-Aguilera, E.; Gomez, C.; Vidal, R.; Fernandez, L.; Ruiz-de-Azua, J.A.; Aguilar, S.
    Competitive project
  • LoRaWAN SCHC fragmentation demystified

     Aguilar, S.; Marquet, A.; Toutain, L.; Gomez, C.; Vidal, R.; Montavont, N.; Papadopoulos, G.Z.
    International Conference on Ad-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks
    p. 213-227
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-31831-4_15
    Presentation's date: 2019-10-02
    Presentation of work at congresses
  • Opportunistic sensor data collection with bluetooth low energy  Open access

     Aguilar, S.; Vidal, R.; Gomez, C.
    Vol. 17, num. 1, p. 159-
    DOI: 10.3390/s17010159
    Date of publication: 2017-01-23
    Journal article
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  • Grup de xarxes sense fils

     Calveras, A.; Casademont, J.; Lopez-Aguilera, E.; Cervià, M.; Vidal, R.; Demirkol, I.; Gomez, C.; Aizcorreta, A.; Paradells, J.; Casals, L.; Garcia-Villegas, E.; Yilmaz, H. B.; Aguilar, S.; Jain, A.; Rony, R.; Irazabal, M.; Vincenzi, M.; Ruiz-de-Azua, J.A.
    Competitive project
  • A unified solution for building wireless sensor networks

     Lopez-Aguilera, E.; Vidal, R.; Demirkol, I.; Paradells, J.; Casademont, J.; Calveras, A.; Garcia-Villegas, E.; Gomez, C.; Casals, L.; Baños, V.; Aguilar, S.; Cervià, M.; Darroudi, S.
    Competitive project