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  • Strategy for the real-time detection of thermal events on the plasma facing components of Wendelstein 7-X

     Puig, A.; Jakubowski, M.; Fellinger, J.; Drewelow, P.; Gao, Y.; Niemann, H.; Sunn Pedersen, T.; König, R.; Naujoks, D.; Winter, A.; Laqua, H.; Dumke, S.; Bluhm, T.; Brandt, K.; Moncada, V.; Belafdil, C.; Mitteau, R.; Aumeunier, M.-H.; Pisano, F.; Aymerich, E.; Cannas, B.; Kocsis, G.; Szepesi, T.; Cseh, G.; Szabolics, T.; Casas, J.; Morros, J.R.; Salembier, P.; Clemente, R.; Cobos, M.; Caminal, I.; Palacios, A.; Moreno, A.; Quiceno, S.
    Symposium on Fusion Technology
    p. 471
    Presentation's date: 2020-09-23
    Presentation of work at congresses
  • SLAM-based 3D outdoor reconstructions from lidar data  Open access

     Caminal, I.; Casas, J.; Royo, S.
    International Conference on 3D Immersion
    p. 1-8
    DOI: 10.1109/IC3D.2018.8657869
    Presentation's date: 2018-12-05
    Presentation of work at congresses
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