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March 2021

  • In journal articles, visualization of the role of corresponding author when he/she is a researcher at the UPC.
  • In the Publications section and on the right side of the screen, the facet Sustainable Development Goals is shown. 


May 2018

  • You can filter and retrieve the UPC theses developed within the framework of the Industrial Doctorate Plan. This type of thesis is identified with the icon of the Industrial Doctorate Plan.
  • Incorporation of information from conference minuts books.
  • Wikipedia is added as a collaborative network.

October 2017

  • Incorporation of spin-offs: a new section has been added with the spin-offs that are part of the UPC. This information is also displayed on the pages of the researchers, the research groups and the units, in the Scientific production section.
  • Incorporation of the coordinators of the doctoral programs. When a researcher is the coordinator of a doctoral program, this information is displayed on his page, in the Personal Data section.
  • Incorporation of the collaboration network of each researcher into your personal page. Collaboration is established from the co-authors of publications and collaborations in patents, projects and spin-offs.
  •  In the competitive projects, the publications that are generated within the framework of the project are shown.
  • Incorporation of knowledge maps to the home page of the portal: maps show scientific production from 24 thematic areas and the relationships between them.
  • Incorporation of UPC Senior researchers
  • Graphical search: in the personal corner, a new tab has been added to search for keywords. The results are shown graphically.
  • Importation of doctoral theses from UPCommons, the institutional repository of the UPC.

February 2017

  • Visualization of non-competitive R+D+I projects without a confidentiality clause, in the projects section and in the personal pages of researchers and research units. Information from 2016.
  • New section Personal corner, accessible to any UPC authenticated user from where you can:
    • Manage saved searches
    • Edit researcher data
    • Edit the data of the organization you are responsible (unit or research group).
    • Create and manage simulations of aggregations of the scientific production of several researchers, units and research groups.
  • In the pages of the units and groups, a new tab More researchers, making visible external researchers to the UPC or researchers who are no longer working at UPC.  
  • Expansion of the retrieval of the information of the search engine, recovering the activities by typology and not by sections. 
  • New tab "Press room" in the researcher’s pages where the news published in the Press Room of the UPC are collected. Starting July 2016.

October 2016

  • New export options in graphics on the portal pages that allows download data in CSV or XLS (Excel) format.

May 2016

  • Published the UPC experts directory for the media. A tool to identify UPC researchers by their research areas, so that the media can contact with them through the Oficina de Mitjans de Comunicació.
    To join the expert directory check out the FAQ.

October 2015

  • Improved website style sheets to better printing and added an option to See all results in all researchers and organization pages to allow viewing all the scientific production on a single screen and print it.
  • Implemented the export of scientific output in BibTeX format.
  • Added additional infomration to european projects from the CORDIS: Community Research and Development Service database.

September 2015

  • Added filters in the Projects sections that refines the search of the projects. You can filter by the area (European, state, national or other), the year, the plan or program, the subprogram or the call.
  • Implemented the option to set FUTUR as a default search engine in any browser.

July 2015

  • Subject description has been added in publications. Click in the subject or keywords to search results throughout the portal.

June 2015

  • You can click into the histograms to view only the selected activities.

April 2015

  • New version of the portal with important improvements: access from mobile devices has been enhanced, creation of QR vcards in the researchers or units profiles and statistics extracted from Google Analytics.

March 2015

  • Added all researchers, whether UPC or other institutions, into the researchers lists in research groups and units profiles.

December 2014

  • Added the link to the researcher page on FUTUR into the UPC directory.
  • Added "Embed in a web" tool into the listings export tools that generates a code that lets you embed FUTUR listings on other websites.
  • Added the option that enables hiding an activity in the researcher profile from DRAC, using the flag Visible a Futur.

October 2014

  • Added Altmetrics tool in researchers profiles that have ORCID.
  • Added volume, number, pages and DOI to lists of publications.
  • Added the FAQ section with answers to the main questions about this portal.

April 2014

  • Launching the portal