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  • Bascompta Massanes, Marc

    Total activity: 124
    Department of Mining, Industrial and ICT Engineering
    GREMS - Sustainable Mining Research Group
    SSR-UPC - Smart Sustainable Resources
    Manresa School of Engineering (EPSEM)
  • Biere Arenas, Rolando Mauricio

    Total activity: 280
    Department of Architectural Technology
    CPSV - Centre of Land Policy and Valuations
    CPSV (CER) - Centre of Land Policy and Valuations (CER)
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
  • Casanovas Garcia, Jose

    Total activity: 270
    IMP - Information Modelling and Processing
    inLab FIB
  • Cervera Alonso de Medina, Marina

    Total activity: 59
    Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
  • Corominas Dulcet, Jordi

    Total activity: 382
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    EnGeoModels - Monitoring and Modelling in Engineering Geology
    Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB)
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Organization  (2 results)

Scientific and technological production  (317 results)

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