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People  (73 results)

  • Alcaraz Sendra, Olga

    Total activity: 108
    Department of Physics
    STH - Sustainability, Technology and Humanism
    University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology
    Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB)
    Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE)
  • Alonso Alonso, Maria Teresa

    Total activity: 18
    Department of Mathematics
    gAGE - Research Group of Astronomy and Geomatics
    Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering (EETAC)
  • Aluja Banet, Tomas

    Total activity: 174
  • Azarkamand, Sahar

    Total activity: 5
  • Camps Carmona, Adriano Jose

    Total activity: 821
    Department of Signal Theory and Communications
    RSLAB - Remote Sensing Lab
    CTE-CRAE - Space Science and Technology Research Group
    CommSensLab-UPC - Centre Específic de Recerca en Comunicació i Detecció UPC
    Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSETB)
    The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
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Scientific and technological production  (5394 results)

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