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People  (10 results)

  • Bardes Llorensi, Daniel

    Total activity: 41
    Department of Electronic Engineering
    Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSETB)
  • Bosch Pons, Jaume

    Total activity: 17
    Department of Computer Architecture
  • Comino Trinidad, Marc

    Total activity: 14
    Department of Computer Science
    ViRVIG - Visualisation, Virtual Reality and Graphic Interaction Research Group
  • de La Puente Martorell, Jose Manuel

    Total activity: 33
    Department of Nautical Science and Engineering
    GIRAS - Research Group on Architecture: Project, Territory and Society
    Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB)
  • Gallego Vila, Jaime

    Total activity: 9
    Department of Signal Theory and Communications
    The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
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Organization  (4 results)

Scientific and technological production  (820 results)

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