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People  (4 results)

  • Alier Forment, Marc

    Total activity: 168
    Department of Service and Information System Engineering
    BCN SEER - Barcelona Science and Engineering Education Research Group
    Institute of Education Sciences
    Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)
  • Busquets Rubio, Pere

    Total activity: 31
    Department of Mining, Industrial and ICT Engineering
    STH - Sustainability, Technology and Humanism
    Manresa School of Engineering (EPSEM)
  • Puig-pey Claveria, Ana Maria

    Total activity: 22
    Department of Architectural Technology
    VIS - Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems
    Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
  • Trullols Farreny, Enric

    Total activity: 136
    Department of Mathematics
    SARTI - Technological Development Center for Remote Acquisition and Data Processing System
    University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)


Scientific and technological production  (61 results)

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