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  • A superregenerative QPSK receiver  Open access

     Palà-Schönwälder, P.; Bonet-Dalmau, J.; Moncunill-Geniz, F. X.; Aguila, F.; Giralt, M.
    IEEE transactions on circuits and systems I: regular papers
    Vol. 61, num. 1, p. 258-265
    DOI: 10.1109/TCSI.2013.2268313
    Date of publication: 2014-01
    Journal article
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  • New applications of the superregenerative principle to radio frequency communications

     Palà-Schönwälder, P.; Moncunill-Geniz, F. X.; Bonet-Dalmau, J.; Aguila, F.; Giralt, M.; Vila-Marta, S.; Tarres, M.; Llusà Serra, A.; Sanz, M.; López-Riera, A.; Escobet, T.
    Competitive project