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  • Al Omar Mesnaoui, Anas

    Total activity: 80
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    TECNOFAB - Manufacturing Technologies Research Group
    Manresa School of Engineering (EPSEM)
  • Aymami Bofarull, Juan

    Total activity: 78
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    MACROM - Crystallography, Structure and Function of Biological Macromolecules
    Barcelona East School of Engineering (EEBE)
  • Bonada Bo, Jordi

    Total activity: 76
    Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Engineering
    REMM - Structures and Mechanics of Materials Research
    Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering (ETSEIB)
  • Forn Alonso, Antonio

    Total activity: 633
  • Morillo Cazorla, Margarita

    Total activity: 79
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    GBMI - Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology Group
    The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
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Scientific and technological production  (942 results)

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