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  • Aguilar Castillo, Wilbert Geovanny

    Total activity: 12
    Department of Automatic Control
    GREC - Knowledge Engineering Research Group
  • Aguilar Igartua, Mónica

    Total activity: 146
    Department of Network Engineering
    SISCOM - Smart Services for Information Systems and Communication Networks
    Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSETB)
  • Albareda Sambola, Maria

    Total activity: 111
    Department of Statistics and Operations Research
    GNOM - Mathematical Optimization Group
    The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
  • Alcober Segura, Jesus Angel

    Total activity: 123
    Department of Network Engineering
    BAMPLA - Design and Evaluation of Broadband Networks and Services
    Institute of Education Sciences
    Castelldefels School of Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering (EETAC)
  • Alfaro Vendrell, Mónica

    Total activity: 2
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Organization  (3 results)

Scientific and technological production  (2428 results)

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Journals  (4 results)