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People  (9 results)

  • Bayona Roa, Camilo Andres

    Total activity: 10
    ANiComp - Numerical analysis and scientific computation
    (MC)2 - UPC Computational continuum mechanics
  • Cárdenas Domínguez, Martha Ivon

    Total activity: 10
    Department of Computer Science
    Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)
  • Colomé Figueras, Adrià

    Total activity: 19
    ROBiri - IRI Robotics Group
    Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics
  • Delicado Useros, Pedro Francisco

    Total activity: 121
    Department of Statistics and Operations Research
    ADBD - Analysis of Complex Data for Business Decisions
    Institute of Mathematics of UPC-BarcelonaTech
    School of Mathematics and Statistics (FME)
  • Fonollosa Magrinya, Jordi

    Total activity: 48
    Department of Automatic Control
    B2SLab - Bioinformatics and Biomedical Signals Laboratory
    CREB - Biomedical Engineering Research Centre
    Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB)
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Organization  (1 results)

Scientific and technological production  (119 results)

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