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People  (11 results)

  • Bairan Garcia, Jesus Miguel

    Total activity: 182
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    ATEM - Structural and Materials Technology
    Barcelona School of Civil Engineering (ETSECCPB)
  • Gil Espert, Lluis

    Total activity: 264
    Department of Strength of Materials and Structural Engineering
    MSLIT - Materials and Structures Laboratory of Innovation Technology
    LMIT-CT - Laboratories of Mechanical Engineering Innovation and Technology
    The School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT)
  • Gomez Bernabe, Josefa M.

    Total activity: 3
  • Gomez Serrano, Jose

    Total activity: 65
    Department of Architectural Technology
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
    Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV)
  • Gómez Soberón, José Manuel Vicente

    Total activity: 553
    Department of Architectural Technology
    GICITED - Interdisciplinary Group on Building Scienceand and Technology
    Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)
    Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB)
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Organization  (5 results)

Scientific and technological production  (1033 results)

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