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People  (4 results)

  • Carod de Arriba, Xavier

    Total activity: 9
    Department of Project and Construction Engineering
    Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB)
  • Galera Rodrigo, Mª Asuncion

    Total activity: 15
    Department of Management
    GIOPACT - Equal Opportunities in Architecture, Science and Technology Research Group
    CERpIE - Centre Específic de Recerca per a la Millora i Innovació de les Empreses
    Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB)
    Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB)
  • Levit Valenzuela, Rafael

    Total activity: 19
    CEMAD - Electrical Characterisation of Materials and Devices
  • Soler Turu, Lluis

    Total activity: 51
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    CRnE - Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering
    NEMEN - Nanoengineering of Materials Applied to Energy
    Institute of Energy Technology
    Escola d'Enginyeria de Barcelona Est (EEBE)


Scientific and technological production  (14 results)

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