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People  (13 results)

  • Aguado Renter, Albert

    Total activity: 3
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Bellmunt Chiva, Jorge

    Total activity: 257
    Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning
    LUB - Urbanism Laboratory
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
  • Bergas Jane, Joan Gabriel

    Total activity: 211
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    CITCEA - Centre of Technological Innovation in Power Electronics and Drives
    Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB)
    Manresa School of Engineering (EPSEM)
  • Codina Sancho, Esteve

    Total activity: 186
    Department of Statistics and Operations Research
    IMP - Information Modelling and Processing
    inLab FIB
    School of Mathematics and Statistics (FME)
    Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)
  • Moreno Sanz, Joan

    Total activity: 59
    Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning
    GRU - Urbanism Research Group
    Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB)
    Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV)
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Organization  (2 results)

Scientific and technological production  (399 results)

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